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This book introduces mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers to a new, coherent approach to theory and interpretation of quantum physics, in which classical and quantum thinking live peacefully side by side and jointly fertilize the intuition. The formal, mathematical core of quantum physics is cleanly separated from the interpretation issues. The book demonstrates that the universe can be rationally and objectively understood from the smallest to the largest levels of modeling.

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The thermal interpretation featured in this book succeeds without any change in the theory. It involves one radical step, the reinterpretation of an assumption that was virtually never questioned before - the traditional eigenvalue link between theory and observation is replaced by a q-expectation link: Objective properties are given by q-expectations of products of quantum fields and what is computable from these. Home Electronics Quantum entangled batteries could be the perfect power source.

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Numerical Methods Patrice Lumumba University , Professor of the same dpt. Author or coauthor of 17 scientific monographs and more scientific articles, wide Science-for Laymen articles and books, School-Supplies on theory and applications of diff.

Membership: Intern. Astronomical Union, European Astronomical Society. Boichenko Victor Alexander Graduate , Moscow Phys.

By uncertain light: the use of quantum mechanics in imaging

Post-graduate student of Russian Science Academy under leadership of Prof. Sapogin , The scientific researcher of the complex Scientific Inst.

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Russian Science Academy in Khabarovsk, Author of over 50 scientific researches. He developed together with L.

Photon-Pair Sources and Quantum Cryptography using Continuous Variables • UNIQORN

Sapogin the bases of Unitary Quantum Theory and calculated for the first time in physics science the Fine Structure Constant and theoretical value of elementary electrical charge with precision 0. The book proposes the model of the unitary quantum field theory UQT where the particle is represented as a wave packet of some unified field.

Battle Over Quantum Mechanics Albert Einstein Vs Neils Bohr

The frequency dispersion equation is chosen so that the packet periodically appears and disappears without changing its form. The envelope of the process is identified with a conventional wave function.

Quantum History Project at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

The equations of such a field are nonlinear and relativistic invariant. With proper adjustments, they are reduced to Dirac, Schroedinger and Hamilton-Jacobi equations. The numbers of the new experimental effects are predicted both for high and low energies.