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We must be careful of our music selection. You make an excellent point with great insight Tim. Well said. I agree with you Tim. Since he is the father of all lies John , he uses all the means to drive us away from God.


Not only through music, but also through movies, advertisements, fashion, trends, news, literature, etc. Aside from walking in the light of God, I personally believe that our eyes must also be wide open to see what he does to the world, especially to us. To be specific, we must know the techniques they use to lead people away form God so that we can lead them back to Him. And we can definitely do this as He will open our eyes to this reality and will empower us to help everyone break free from the curse that haunts mankind. For He does not give the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline 2 Timothy Yes you are quite right about music Tim.

When the press asked him he said I am finished with all that which was a very long time ago. The Beatles,and the Stones did it mainly to shock, because it sold records. Has you know they took LSD this also influenced their music. Buzz Light Year,and Harry Potter are full of the devils works.

In a nutshell the Devils work is in everything,if you take notice of it you are in trouble,but their is no harm in researching it,and expose it to the people. He is very clever in what he does,has Padre Pio said.

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I downloaded it and I was shocked? Genesis KJV. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. You have to read the true word of God, the unchanged writtings of the King James version. These new versions can be traced all the way to mystery babylon, the catholic church. Dont believe me? Do the research, and if your reading the NIV bible, go to Matthew …go on ill wait…o thats right, its not there.

Im not condemning the author of this article because there are some good points, I just wanted to take this opportunity to supply that extra knowledge, read the KJV, the true word of God. John KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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I disagree that the fallen angels are now demons. Every scripture throughout the bible where the fallen angels are mentioned tell us that these angels are chained up and kept captive in the pits of darkness, only to be released at judgment day.

Thank you Deseree for your comment and you are entitled to your opinion but when Satan, who was once the angel Lucifer, rebelled against God and fell from heaven Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28 , apparently one third of the angelic host joined his insurrection Revelation ,9. There is no doubt these fallen angels are now known as the demons. Why would God imprison the rest of the fallen angels, but allow the leader of the rebellion to remain free?

The most common alternate explanation for the origin of the demons is that when the Nephilim of Genesis 6 were destroyed in the Flood, their disembodied souls became the demons. While the Bible does not specifically say what happened to the souls of the Nephilim when they were killed, it is unlikely that God would destroy the Nephilim in the Flood only to allow their souls to cause even greater evil as the demons. The most biblically consistent explanation for the origin of the demons is that they are the fallen angels, the angels who rebelled against God with Satan.

I think in the movie they were called the Watchers When the evil people found out about Noah they all came,and they were all trying to get on the ark,but these Watchers helped Noah. They decided to help Noah to the last,but when each one was killed a Green light came from heaven,and they went upwards towards heaven,so I presume because they gave their life up to help Noah they went to heaven. It showed you a giant lady next to an ordinary lady,and the difference were huge.

What do you make out of that Jack? The movie Noah was so full of doctrinal error my friend and it was not very biblical at all. I agree entirely with you Jack the movie was terrible. I think the director was afraid to put the voice of God in like Charlton Heston in Moses,and he also put things in that made no sense to me.

One priest told me to concentrate on the new testament which makes more sense to me. Thanks again Jack for pointing me in the right direction again. Thank you Kary. Was Jesus created? How do people really know that god is more powerful than the devil…. God wins. God created Satan or the Devil so who would be more powerful?

The Creator or the created thing? It looks like Satan is winning but reading Revelation 21 and 22 we see that he loses miserably.

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Read Romans 9 to see if God is unfair or if God wins in the end. Nevertheless, he is a real being with an intellect, emotion, and will. I do have a question. Why did Jeaus allow the demons possessing the man leave and go into the pigs? Why did the pigs kill themselves and why did the people tell Jesus to leave when they saw the pigs go into the ocean? Great questions Monique. I believe that is topic is somehow sensitive, especially to beginning Christians. I admit that I was totally frightened at first, knowing how their true forms look like.

That is why I am very blessed and thankful that the Lord Jesus has already overcome death. And it is also nice to know their true forms, identities, character, and origin. So that we will have a better idea on how to use the victory He haas given us. Praise be to Him always….

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Is there a topic on this website about spritism, clairvoyance, fortune-telling, astral projectio, etc.? If there is none, I hope someone can elaborate further about this through this website. Check these two out my friend. Check out Lighthouse Trails Research site people with experience in these things who came to Christ. Warren Smith for one and several others writings exposing by scripture offer info for your reading.

What may be obvious to you might not be so obvious to another. When the Bible discusses Lucifer or Satan he is discussed like no other being but since Jesus is God, and not created, the Devil is no match for God. Thanks for your comment. One more thing, Jack. That was TRUE?

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I see you are not giving me the benefit of the doubt and I am sorry you did that. I never said you were any less of a vessel than me did I? Deseree and Monique are subscribed to this thread on this article so they should get notice of it but to say that I am intentionally not letting them see it is false Kary.