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Finally, day 10 covers the generalization of causal inferences. The opportunities and limits for generalization are discussed in combination with techniques for extending insights beyond the cases under scrutiny. Since case study researchers are often criticized for engaging in generalization, it is important to put these problems in the forefront. Whether or not you intend to generalize your inferences is of secondary importance because this is only one element of the research process and this course.

The course has a strong practical element because you will learn tricks and clues for avoiding common mistakes in empirical research, i. All methodological discussions will be supplemented with examples from case studies from different subfields in political science. Participants are expected to carefully read the obligatory readings and to contribute to the debate in class. Dependent on whether the provisions on ECTS points are as in I cannot guarantee this , one has to take a written exam on the last Saturday to get 2 credit points. The written exam works as follows: In advance of the Summer School, I will give you three published case studies journal articles.

On the day of the exam, you have to choose one of the texts and answer five method-related questions including several subquestions on the text. In order to get 3 points, you must do the small assignments that are given to the participants.

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This is less work than it might read now because many assignments are based on discussions and work that we will do in class already and refer to your own ongoing research project. In addition, you must submit a research proposal of pages after the course in which you, based on the lab parts during the course, apply the lessons of the case study course to your research project detail your concept, justify your case selection, your cross-case comparison, etc. Those participants without a research project who want to get ECTS points will be given an equivalent task.

SB108 - Case Study Research: Method and Practice

The paper has to be sent to me within four weeks approx. If a participant wants to receive 5 points, you have to meet the combined requirements for 2 and 3 ECTS points. Before the course starts, participants are invited to fill in a short questionnaire on their research project, their prior methodological expertise, and their expectations regarding the course. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan: chap. American Political Science Review 98 2 : Brady, Henry A. Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M. Oxford: Oxford University Press: Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan: sections 2.

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Research Methods - Introduction

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Case Study Research: Method and Practice

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European Political Science 7 3 : Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press: chap. Thies, Cameron G. International Studies Perspectives 3 4 : Lieshout, Robert H. Segers and Anna M. Journal of Cold War Studies 6 4 : Collier, David : Understanding Process Tracing. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 42 1 : Polity 44 3 : Pieces of literature you might have a look at for preparation for the course in addition to the literature in the reading list above :. Levy, Jack S. Conflict Management and Peace Science Van Evera, Stephen : Guide to methods for students of political science.

Ithaca: Cornell University Press. This course description may be subject to subsequent adaptations e. Registered participants will be informed in due time.

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