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Why is the title of this book, this book especially, given in Englaish, all the more as the summary is written in French? Has it even been translated? Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

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There are facts that make us believe that someone else might have died in place of Joan of Arc at the stake that day. There is a considerable doubt over the execution of this French heroine. A tale that went round in those was very tactfully covered up and never raised again. A common story from the times states that a woman appeared in a village near Metz, France in claiming herself to be Joan of Arc.

The people who heard her were skeptical and even made pranks. But the story somehow spread through France. Joan of Arc was captured by British Forces at Compiegne. But brothers could have their own agenda in bringing back their dead sister. They could be bribed. But what happened next was astonishing.

The Truth About Joan of Arc, the Teenage Girl Who Commanded the French Army

In her time with the French military had made many enemies but some good friends. Two of her close companions heard of the tale and visited Metz to take a look at this woman. Both these individuals had fought in close quarters with Joan. After meeting the woman they proclaimed that the woman was truly Joan of Arc. Charles VII even disclosed to his courtiers that the woman knew many secrets that he had disclosed only to Joan. As time went on the woman was awarded the title Joan des Armoises. She was even financially rewarded for her service to the nation during the war.

Some of the church services that were taking place in the memory of Joan were stopped on order by the king himself. But after a couple of years it is recorded that the woman allegedly confessed that she was an imposter who just looked similar to Joan.


But the public opinion was with the woman. Joan of Arc might have led her later life as a Commoner. After this incident, the woman was shunned from history for once and all. The instance came up again in when a noted scholar compared the signature of Joan of Arc against the marriage license of the imposter.

Tweets from Pope

He found that both these signatures were a perfect match. Now, the mystery remains why would Joan of Arc suddenly rear up her head and disclose her identity and then two years on feign to be an imposter? Another notable question is that: in those days the imposters were handed severe punishment often death penalty , why was this woman pardoned without any action?

A group of historians believe that this was again a part of the French politics. The King did not want to displease his populace. Thus he may have taken the backdoor by sending Joan of Arc in a battle she could not win.

But the King was God fearing as well, he did not want to displease God so he may have secretly arranged for the execution of some other woman at the stake in place of Joan. There must have been a deal fetched whereby Joan decided to stay in hiding for the rest of her life.

But as was the character of Joan she could keep her identity secret only for 5 years.