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Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School

Lascelles that your mathematics are far — very far — from satisfactory. Quelch kindly. I—I mean, it was the problem of the hols, sir! Lord Mauleverer was more than willing to oblige the Greek gentleman, or any other gentleman, but he was not willing to leave his study sofa for the purpose, But there was no help for that, and he followed the Remove master down the stairs. Quelch opened the door and walked in, followed by Mauleverer. Quelch stared round the room as if he could hardly believe his own gimlet-eyes — as indeed he hardly could.

The room was empty. He had left the Greek gentleman waiting there. He had not been gone more than six or seven minutes.

But during that short space of time, the Greek gentleman had vanished. It was amazing, indeed, inexplicable.

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Quelch was both astonished and annoyed. Kalizelos had seemed to him a gentleman with very courtly manners. He stared round the room, as if he half-expected to see the Greek gentleman emerge from some corner. I cannot understand this at all! He whisked out of the room, very much annoyed indeed. Prout was in the offing, and the Remove master called to him. Have you seen anything of a gentleman — a foreign-looking man — who was waiting here? Prout glanced round. Quelch stepped to the open door of the House. The taxi was gone. He turned back, frowning.

It is extremely odd. Prout in surprise. Quelch shook his head, and Mauleverer grinned. The Remove master could not suspect a man of Mr.

Billy Bunter

But he was very puzzled, and very perturbed. However, there was nothing to he done, and Mr. Quelch was anxious to get back to his study and his pile of papers. Quelch, with his lips set, returned to his own study. There another surprise awaited him. He fully expected to find that Bunter had been slacking, and had done nothing while he was out of the study.

He was prepared, in that case, to give Bunter the keenest edge of his tongue. Bunter was gone! His face set grimly. He made a step to the door — and stopped! He realised that the fat truant was likely to be far enough away by that time. Having taken the risk of breaking detention, he was not likely to linger. Fortunately, William George Bunter could not see it. Once safe out of the school gates, Bunter had started down Friardale Lane as fast as his fat little legs could carry him.

He heard the buzz of a motor behind him and drew to the side of the lane to let the vehicle pass. But it did not pass; it slowed down, and a musical voice from the window addressed the panting fat junior. Kalizelos at the window of the taxi.

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For a second, he wondered why the foreigner had followed him. He was at the school to see Mauleverer; and he had not yet seen Mauleverer. But Kalizelos, of course, supposed that Bunter was Mauleverer, as the fat Owl remembered at once. Apparently his business with the schoolboy earl was so urgent that he had followed on from the school.

The olive face of the Greek was smiling. There was no doubt that he was surprised and puzzled by the extraordinary behaviour of the supposed Mauleverer; but he had his own reasons for being pleased by the turn of events. He smiled and bowed from the taxi window.

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At that stage in the proceedings, Bunter would have told the Greek that he was not Lord Mauleverer, simply to get rid of the man. But the offer of a lift banished that thought from his fat mind. A lift was exactly what Bunter wanted. Whether Mr. Quelch would look for him when he missed him, he did not know; but it was quite possible that he would, or that he would request a Sixth Form prefect to do so. Bunter was anxious to put a safe distance between his fat person and the school.

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Later, he had to face the music for breaking detention and getting away. That was bad enough. But it would be altogether too bad, if he was hooked back with a hand on his collar, to face the music without having got away at all. The offer of a lift was a windfall to the podgy truant. Bunter stepped in; hardly able to believe in his good luck! The door closed, and the taxi rolled on again.

Even Bunter, obtuse and unobservant as he was, could see that the Greek was glad to hear that he wanted a lift to Pegg. Why, it was a mystery; unless the antique merchant was glad of a chance to oblige a nobleman. Obviously, this foreign gentleman, polite as he was, would never have offered a lift to a young rascal dodging out of detention.

He was happy to offer it to Lord Mauleverer! Bunter sagely resolved to continue to be a peer of the realm, at least, until the seaside village was reached. In the taxi, he was likely to arrive there before Bob Cherry, who was walking. He would be in ample time for the trip in the Remove boat — and what was more important, for the tea in the Remove boat!

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Billy Bunter was feeling quite elated. At the stile on the footpath, a sturdy schoolboy was about to clamber over, to take the path through the wood, a short cut to Pegg.